Game of senses

The art
of love

A game for everyone
to learn with!


A game for everyone
to learn with!


The aim of the game

A board game with a therapist’s insights - with relationship advice and ideas. The aim of the board game is to refreshen your relationship, to bring excitement and new aspects to your relationship. Intimacy is inseparable from love, a process of acceptance and devotion, so the game is not only about being together, but also about getting to know each other more.

There are no boring tasks, just interesting, SENSUAL moments.

There are no boring tasks, just interesting, SENSUAL moments.

Who is it for?

Couples in a relationship crisis
Couples in a relationship crisis

As the cards are also designed to improve communication and intimacy, they can be a successful addition in couples’ therapy.

For married couples
For married couples

As the years go by, quality time together may become seldom or “routine”. With this board game, you can bring a little excitement to sexuality and to your relationship.

For young couples
For young couples

In a new relationship, it can cause problems if couples are afraid to express, show or tell about their sexual desires. But the Game of Senses can help break any barriers.

As a gift
As a gift

It can be a great gift for friends or other couples, as our board game is a well-constructed, erotic game with sophisticated graphics.

About the board game

Bringing you even closer together!

With this board game, you’re guaranteed to spice up your relationship and get involved in games that could be of great interest to you.

You can find out things about your partner that you haven’t been able to find out for years because you didn’t dare to ask, or didn’t know how to ask, about your partner’s desires without taboos. That’s why this game will be exciting for everyone.

The Game of Senses is a social, perfect tool to take your relationship to an even higher level!

About the board game


It’s a couples’ game for couples of all ages, full of relationship advice and romance, but most of all, of exciting challenges. For married couples, couples, casual partners, or young lovers, the game is guaranteed to be a fun activity, designed with the help of a therapist for an exciting evening.

Have fun with the
Game of Senses board game!


The Game
of Senses


other erotic

The emphasis is on physical and mental communication. It not only improves sexuality, but also the communication between partners.
It usually focuses only on sex, covering only a small segment of the sexual aspects of the relationship.
It also makes sexuality between partners more enjoyable and harmonious in the long term. More reserved, sensitive couples may also become involved.
At most, it can be a fleeting, brief, momentary pleasure.
The task cards also include advice from a sexual therapist.
Tasks are not formulated by a competent person, so the impact can often be missed.
The board game includes accessories such as a feather, a scarf and an 18-minute video tutorial on tantric massage techniques.
There is usually only the game board, the counters and a dice involved in the game while playing.
Exciting, sensual, erotic exercises.
A bit boring, thoughtless tasks that are often repetitive.

The art of love



„When I first held the board game in my hands, I was a bit scared of what it would be like to play it with my partner! We were pleasantly surprised, because we both embarked on a journey in our sex life that brought us even closer together! During the game, we learned a lot about each other and played in a way that was enjoyable for both of us! The cards are phenomenal, they can guess what I want to know about my partner and what either of us desires. The massage video and the blindfold are also very good for exciting and stimulating imaginative tasks. I can only recommend it to everyone! Don’t be afraid to play a little game, you’ll get to know each other better and have a closer, more intimate life together! Thank you so much for enriching my life with a game like this!”

Nóri (22)

„I’m a playful girl, and I have to be honest, I hadn’t expected much from this board game, as my experiences with games alike are rather... But it promised me all sorts of goodies, so I thought I’d give it a go. The questions are a bit awkward at the beginning of the game, but only until you open up and tune into each other. Yes, you will need that glass of drink at the beginning. The tasks made me blush sometimes, but I’m very happy that we stepped out of our comfort zones a little. The massage video and the cards are wonderful because we learned new techniques we can enjoy on each other every day. What I missed...hmm ...I’m still thinking about that, because I can’t really name anything I missed, as the game is very well structured, the fields and tasks are built on each other. Perhaps one drawback is that you need a little over an hour to play the game comfortably.. But that’s not a disadvantage for everyone, we finally have some time together.”

Kriszti (22)

„My husband surprised me with the game, needless to say what my first reaction was. I spent a day wondering, offended, why we need such a game. We then tried it out at a convenient time. I’d rather not spoil anything, and just tell you to go with it, boys and girls! There is always new ground to break, there is still something to learn!!”

Márta (52)

„I’m not personally into board games, but my partner has always enjoyed them. As she is important to me, I surprised her with the game, and she was very pleased. We tried it out a couple of days later. It was a very pleasant surprise, I was afraid it would be boring, but not at all!! It was full of amazing tasks, there were both soft and hard tasks... well, the hard ones were actually hard, and the massage... I didn’t know one could feel like that... I’m glad I got to play this game because we had a lot of fun.”

Tamás (37)

„I bought it as a gift, and so it wasn’t me who tryied it, but the feedback was more than convincing. I would also like to mention that the game is of premium category, with fantastic graphics, sophisticated design, is pleasant to touch, and that the colours of the cards follow the patterns of the zones. I can only recommend it as a gift as well.”

Vivi (26)

„The main criteria for selecting the product: I bought it as a gift for my partner out of curiosity. I found this one the most interesting of the supply. Benefits: It will help dissolve inhibitions in a playful way, talk about the feelings that cause difficulties for a beginner (teenage) couple. Disadvantages: I didn’t see any disadvantage, I can’t complain about it, maybe just that I represent the older generation, and there are no taboos; it would have been very useful 30 years ago, but we enjoyed the game even so.”

Tünyü (51)

„A well thought out game with quality design. The tasks are diverse. The idea of massages and the coupons which can be later used during the game are an absolute plus. I recommend it to everyone!”

Nana (29)

„It’s a very interesting game, although there are similar games on the market but not as well put together! I recommend it to everyone, the funny thing is that it still has something interesting to offer, even though I’m in my 40s 😊”

Michael (43)
Customers who have already tried the board game.

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